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Monday, September 20, 2010

Strange Ways to Get High

People do the most crazy stuff to get high, that's a fact. And I'm not just talking about the Evil Bong movies. No, unfortunately I'm thinking about strange ways people use to get high in the real world (yes, this one is the real world, in case you were wondering about that. At least I think it is…).
First of all, let me just say that I'll never recommend the use of illegal drugs to anyone. If you are thinking about trying something to get high because everybody else is doing it, my advice is: Look up information about it first. Maybe after you read about it and see some of the negative effects that some drugs can have on your health (not to mention your wallet), you'll think twice before doing it. It really doesn't matter what everybody else is doing, if you're not comfortable with it don't do it.
So here are some of the most strange ways people have used to get high: extracting toad poison from (yes, you guessed it) a toad because it's hallucinogenic; inhaling fumes of fermented human feces; eating fish heads of a fish called Sarpa Salpa because of the psychotropic effects it produces; drinking Salamander Brandy (Brandy with salamander poison), drinking human urine (!), drinking jet fuel mixed with other drinks, and even cheese (cheese?!).
And of course, because everything is possible in the Internet these days there is also a website that gives you that I-Doser musical thing that supposedly gets you on a similar state to getting high with it's "binaural sound waves" or something like that. Read more about all this in infographic below:

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  1. I-Doser is pretty good actually [: there are all sorts of relaxational files that work.